What We Do


Evade - Invade - Control

 There's no doubt today's world has become more stressful, and often times more intimidating than we ever expected.  

When considering training in the arts, ask yourself, "Does this art focus on self-perfection" (doing something 10,000 times to perfect it), or "does the art teach how to preserve life"(you don't have the luxury to do something 10,000x before it will work).  Thankfully, Shinsei Hapkido does both!  

When considering technique, two options students encounter is "pain compliance" and "mechanical compliance."  "Pain compliance" is a tricky consideration simply because people have different pain thresholds, some are more flexible than others, more muscular, etc., so a technique based on simply finding "pain" will change like the weather outside.

However, focusing on mechanical compliance ensures a student understands the musculature and skeletal system, and just how far a joint can "turn" before it mechanically stops.  A simple example is learning to throw someone: drop a shoulder, and turn the spine, and you will have found mechanical compliance for attempting a throw.  In Shinsei, we focus on mechanical compliance...

Footwork, blocks, body mechanics, balance and overall movement are emphasized in class.

Punches, kicks and various strikes are used while invading the attacker's space to soften them for a throw or lock. 

After invading an attacker's space, it's critical to control their movement to subdue any additional attacks.  Shinsei uses various locks, throws and pins to ensure control.

Joint Locks, Throws, Control & Submissions

 There are certain truths regardless of our time in history; Shinsei Hapkido capitalizes on the human anatomy to ensure this "mechanical compliance" of our techniques work today, as they did when samurai were on the battle field. 

Consider the fact samurai wore armor, so a punch to the face wouldn't do much, nor would a knee or elbow to the chest.  Shinsei focuses on joint locks, throws, and manipulations that will work in today's chaotic world.  

We invite you to visit one of our training halls, where you'll find many of our instructors are body guards, bounty hunters, military and law enforcement.